Chris Stretch’s practice centers on children and adolescents, as well as athletes and those affected by addiction. He can help with anything from performance issues and addiction recovery to severe mental health concerns.
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Mindset and Performance Coaching
Maximize performance in any setting. Chris expertly helps driven athletes navigate pressure to unlock hidden potential.
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Chris Stretch is a powerful speaker who gears his talks toward the specific needs of a team, school or organization. Chris also works extensively with youth in his community giving talks on the concepts of responsibility, awareness and self esteem. Invite Chris to speak at your next event. contact chris
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Photo of Chris Stretch, LCSW
Chris Stretch
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Chris Stretch is a former professional athlete who struggled mentally and emotionally with the pressure of the playing field. He also dealt with severe depression and anxiety throughout his life, eventually developing a chronic addiction. In his sobriety and eventual recovery he has devoted his life to helping others with similar struggles.
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About Chris

Chris stretch is a former professional athlete who struggled mentally and emotionally with the pressure of the playing field. Throughout his life he has also dealt with severe depression, anxiety and eventually a chronic addiction and has since devoted his life to helping others with similar struggles. He is now a licensed psychotherapist, mindset & performance coach and a passionate speaker.
Despite my success early in life as a professional athlete I had already begun walking on a dark path which started in early adolescence. It took getting sober, a spiritual awakening and intense psychotherapy to get on a path toward healing.

As I began the journey back to health, I went back to school to obtain a masters and along the way met my now mentor Dr. Allen Berger, the best clinician I have ever witnessed. I then joined his extensive Gestalt Therapy training program which gave me powerful tools helping me gain insight into my own life experience. Now, as a licensed psychotherapist I have integrated the principles of Gestalt Therapy into my own practice and have devoted my life to helping those with the struggles I once faced. Read More
About Chris Stretch: Expanded Bio

How I Got Here
Chris has a powerful story, read about his journey.
Chris's Story

The answers are within, we just need help finding them...

However, so often we fall short to the point that life can become almost unbearable. I have personal experience with this in my own life, and have worked through it extensively in training with my now mentor Dr. Allen Berger. It was Dr. Berger who introduced me to Gestalt Therapy. In working alongside Dr. Berger I learned powerful tools that generate incredible insights into not only my internal and external world, but others as well and has led me to use Gestalt principles in my own practice.

Gestalt Therapy
Gestalt therapy is a “here” and “now” approach which seeks to address the most pressing concern in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. Through this awareness insight is developed creating new possibilities for more healthy functioning (which often occurs miraculously). My goal is to help individuals become more aware in their lives and to experience their own inner wisdom and intuition. This has been my personal experience with Gestalt therapy, and as a clinician I am driven by a deep purpose and a strong desire to help others in a similar way. Moreover, my love for children and adolescents has led me to using Gestalt techniques creatively to help young clients, which has been an absolute joy.

Therapy for adolescents, children and families

I currently provide therapy to children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples with a variety of concerns (most notably addiction, anxiety and depression). I also have extensive experience working with child and adolescent clients and provide a sports psychology, team building and coach consulting service to local youth and high school sports programs.

Mindset &
Performance Coach

mindset & performance coaching
educational & motivational speaking

Chris can help a team or individual unlock hidden potential.

Chris Stretch coaching a baseball player

All of us are born with significant, innate potential for excellence, yet few of us truly harness such potential and do so consistently. I believe that this is due to our failure to focus on responsiveness (to situations and circumstances) as the single biggest factor to achieving high level performance. Practically speaking, this means that most of us do not respond to challenging, competitive situations with our “best self” and are subject to a deterioration in ability in critical moments when maximum ability is needed most.

This can be seen in American youth sports where children are becoming more and more competitive at earlier ages yet are suffering terribly from poor responsiveness in performance. Evidence of this can be experienced by simply asking any group of competitive young athletes if any of them are afraid to fail (and then watch almost every hand be raised).

The solution lies in the concept of RESPONSE-ABILITY. When it comes to high level performance, an individual's ability to respond appropriately to a given situation is the single biggest factor in maximizing performance.

Players with hands up

As a mindset and performance coach, my goal is to help and individual, team or coach increase RESPONSE-ABILITY! The most important factor in this process is to empower an individual (or group of individuals) to look honestly at how he or she is reacting to situations, circumstances and/or conditions and then challenge the individual or team to work towards responding more effectively. Focusing on, and optimizing “response-ability” is championed by world renowned sports psychologist Dr. Ken Ravizza (who currently works with the Chicago Cubs) and is a central theme in Gestalt Theory which is a humanistic psychology theoretical perspective. This approach is central to my psychotherapy practice and is incredibly beneficial for helping driven, performance-minded individuals unlock their hidden potential. Below are the specific areas I address:

Individual training
My greatest success as a licensed psychotherapist is blending sports psychology concepts and processes with experiential Gestalt Therapy in working with athletes as well as anyone in a high stress environment. By focusing on "response-ability," my clients learn how to meet challenging situations with their best self and along the way develop routines and processes to keep performance consistent.  

Sports psychology & team building
Having played college and professional sports, I understand on a personal level the importance of mental and emotional team training for improved performance. In working with a team I blend sports psychology with experiential activities making the experience beneficial to team chemistry. Again, the focus is on RESPONSE-ABILITY and developing routines and processes to keep performance consistent. Bringing my work into a team dynamic will give the athletes tools that help them stay focused on the playing field and significantly increase their ability.

Coach consulting
Coaches who have incorporated my RESPONSE-ABILITY enhancing concepts into their coaching style have found my support valuable in effectively communicating with both players and parents.

Chris consulting a coach

After initial work with a team I am available for consultation to assist the coach in dealing with issues such as (just to name a few), how to coach a player that is down on his/herself, how to coach a player with a negative attitude, how to deal with a disgruntled player and how to deal with a disgruntled parent, etc.
Chris has designed workshops specifically to help young athletes deal with the mental and emotional challenges of competitive sports. Athletes learn how to regulate their mental and emotional state, creating positive and healthy attitudes on the field.

Educational &
Motivational Speaking

mindset & performance coaching
educational & motivational speaking

Chris is extremely passionate about recovery and mental health, authenticity, sports performance and performance in any capacity. Chris also enjoys speaking to children and adolescents about the topics of responsibility, awareness and self esteem.

Chris Stretch in a public speaking engagement

It is this passion that guides him in his inspirational and educational presentations. His talks are specialized for any in the field of mental health and substance abuse, educational settings, sports performance and business performance. Chris also customizes presentations to meet the specific needs of an organization.
Example Topics
Response-Ability and Sports Performance
An introduction to advanced sports psychology concepts and processes: This talk is helpful for competitive athletes interested in improving their performance

The Conspiracy Against Authenticity!
How we can lose ourselves in western culture and how to “get it back.” This talk introduces the concept of authenticity and illustrates how self esteem issues come from a corrosion in authenticity which is aided by certain pressures in our western culture.

Emotional Sobriety
What is emotional sobriety and how can understanding the concept help improve life coping?

The Therapeutic Value of The Twelve Steps
Exploring the principles that underlie the 12 steps of recovery and understanding their therapeutic value

How to Connect with Your Teen
and Stay Emotionally Centered

Tools for connecting with teenagers and staying emotionally centered are introduced and explored

What is Authenticity?. . . And how do I use it to "actually" like myself?
Introducing the concept of “authenticity" to youth and describing how “authenticity" can be used to create self esteem in a challenging world


Teaching kids how to take responsibility, be accountable and most importantly, how to be authentically AWESOME!

Group talk with Chris

Chris creates talks specific to a group’s pressing need or concern.

Chris Stretch filming


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